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The Oak Ridge Technology Corridor is poised to serve the explosive growth ahead for these complementary industries.

The Data Center and Cybersecurity clusters share the need for talent and infrastructure. Oak Ridge has what is now a long-established tradition and mission - one that involves playing leapfrog on a global level with other leading advanced computing programs. The most recent addition to this data-based space race will be Frontier, a mega supercomputer capable of calculating one quintillion operations per second.

The Oak Ridge campus of Roane State Community College is already prepared for the incoming wave. The Cyber Defense program at Roane State was established years ago, with affordable education and meaningful Associate of Applied Science degrees available to local students who further benefit from innovative Tennessee educational scholarship programs such as Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect. What’s more, the nearby University of Tennessee offers both Computer Engineering and Computer Science programs to the area’s rapidly growing population of potential students.

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Labor Statistics for Computing Sector

Along with a strong culture supporting engineering, the arts, and education, Oak Ridge Schools were the 2nd in the world to become advanced STEM certified. See local labor statistics below.


Data Centers & Cyber Security Growing Strong in Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge employers are experiencing front-line growth in Oak Ridge.

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